Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today was the shortest day of the year here in Stockholm. But let me assure you, it was sunny. Winter break is here, and I leave you today with an example of how The One Working at the North Pole is using modern technology to spread holiday cheer and communication. Please, enjoy what I found in my spam folder a few days ago:
Happy holidays. I'm off to find a reindeer sausage. Mmmmmm!

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mary jane said...

hey girl, it's been a while.......the darkness of the northern climes would certainly get to me too. but it seems that you're handling it ok...I think our 20's are a good time to question things and ideas. it's unfortunate that we tend to stop doing that.........I'm so glad max is planning to see far, she's been having a great time. I'm still selling jewelry! love mary jane