Thursday, October 23, 2008

first piece of the season

Hi there. I finally finished (almost finished) my first piece out here. It is made of wood and plastic, thus beginning my odyssey of working with materials that are not metal. It isn't a big deal of a piece, just a sort of warm up. It is meant to evoke the general interior spatial feeling of what I have experienced in Stockholm thus far, and perhaps to be a cliché of the "essence" of Swedish aesthetics. Alright, enough preamble already, here it is (extra points if you can figure out the inspiration of the middle part):
So that's it...It might end up being a brooch, but it also may become a secret randomly placed object in various places and photographed there. In that case I'm going to call it an "environment growth" or "wall weed" or something...Not entirely sure yet. In any case, I'll document it and post it here. Now it is late and I'm glad that I have (almost) accomplished something, despite the 8-hour-a-day theory class I've been in for the past four weeks. Oh yeah, I got permission and passed the health check-up for the plastics room. Toxic resins and epoxies, here I come. I'll leave you with a beautiful scene from my kitchen window, looking down onto the courtyard of the apartment building I live in. Behold! Autumn!
Sweet autumn dreams everyone,


celestifesto! said...

hey beth - that looks like that bathroom in your earlier post - is that it? do i get extra points?
in other news, for some reason i'm getting your emails but you're not getting mine. i also can't skype you or myspace you, so check your settings and let's figure it out!

hamdrea said...

is it leggo? is it? i must know.

adellab said...

in certainly looks like lego...but i actually made it myself, gluing little plastic punched out holes onto a base sheet of plastic. Celeste gets ten points though, she's good sleuth :)